Acarospora heufleriana Körb.

Parerga lichenol. (Breslau) 1: 57 (1859).



Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Data lacking.

Type locality: Data lacking.

Type locality coordinates: Data lacking.

Barcode: Data lacking.

Thallus: indeterminate, areolate or subsquamulose, pale citrine or more or less yellowish white, areolae dispersed or more or less contiguous, 1-1.5 mm large, 0.3-0.5(-0.6) mm thick, irregular in shape, when contiguous often angular, those at the circumference sometimes radiating, crenate or not, plane or slightly convex or uneven, firmly appressed to the substratum, widely attached, with the thin free edge pale or sometimes pale reddish brown. No reaction with CaCl2O2, the medulla producing rusty crystals in KOH. - Upper cortex 20-30(-40) µm thick, most part dark dirty yellowish inspersed, opaque, surface uneven, granulose. Cell lumina in water hardly discernible, in HCl 1.5-2(-2.5) µm in diam. Gonidia 9-17 µm in diam., in a not dense, 40-60(-80) µm thick, continuous stratum with slightly uneven surface. Medulla varying in thickness (50-)100-200(-300) µm, not transparent, greyish, after addition of KOH soon producing masses of rusty red needle-shaped crystals, hyphae more or less loosely intricate, about 3 µm thick, somewhat thick-walled with elongate lumina. Lower side with indistinct cortex. ... (Magnusson 1929: 68).

Photobiont: Green alga.

Chemistry: K+ red, norstictic acid in the medulla, rhizocarpic acid in the cortex (Leuckert 1968: 53).

Ecology: Data lacking.

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