Acarospora piedmontensis K. Knudsen

in Knudsen, Lendemer & Harris, Opuscula Philolichenum 9: 55 (2011).



Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Similis Acarosporae badiofuscae, sed areolis stipitatis.
Type: U.S.A. South Carolina. Lancaster Co.: Forty Acre Rock, ca. 2 mi W of Taxahaw of Co. Rd. 27 at end of Conservancy Road, 34°41'N, 80°31'W, 165 m, 15.iii.1997, on granitic flatrock, W.R. Buck 31607 (NY!, holotype).

Type locality: USA, South Carolina, Lancaster County, Forty Acre Rock, ca. 2 miles W of Taxahaw of Co. Rd. 27 at end of Conservancy Road, on granitic flatrock, 165 m, 15 March 1997, W. R. Buck 31607 (NY - holotype).

Type locality coordinates: 34°41'N, 80°31'W.

Barcode: Data lacking.

Thallus: Data lacking.

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: No lichen substances detected by TLC. Spot tests: K-, C-, KC-, P-, UV- (Knudsen et al. 2011: 55).

Ecology: Acarospora piedmontensis occurs in open, sunny habitats on granitic outcrops and complexes of granitic slabs, under 400 meters above sea level, associated with Quercus.

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