Acarospora tuberculata H. Magn.

Nytt Mag. Natur. 75: 225, fig. 2 (1935).



Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Thallus indeterminatus, squamuloso-areolatus, ± pallide fusco­rufus, areolae subcontiguae vel dispersae, subcrassae, convexae et valde inaequales, tuberculatae, nitidae, basi constrictae, ± laxe affixae, subtus pallidae, KOR-, CaCl -. Apothecia solitaria vel pauca, immersa, saepius rara, disco concavo, atro, irregulari, scabrido, margine indistincto circumdato. Cortex superior mediocris, strato amorpho crasso tectus. Hyphae medullares laxae. Hymenium subcrassum, sporae tenuiter ellipsoideae.

Protolog type data: West Greenland. Nugssuaq Peninsula north of Disko: Atanikerdluk, 1881, Th. Fries, several specimens.

Type locality: Denmark, Greenland, West Greenland, Nugssuaq Peninsula north of Disko, Atanikerdluk, 1881, T. Fries (several specimens).

Type locality coordinates: Data lacking.

Molecular barcode: Data lacking.

Thallus: areolae 1-2.5 mm large, 0.5-1-1.5 mm thick, rarely contiguous for 1-2 cm, mostly grouped and separated, some areolae in the crust by unequally broad cracks, or ± isolated, of an unusual, rather pale brown-red colour, mostly very shiny, apparently subpellucid, often thinly white marginated from the thick amorphous stratum, surface unevenly and densely tuberculate. Upper cortex 20-25-35 µm thick, transparent, exterior 10-13 1.L bright yellow-brown with indistinct limits, amorphous stratum unequally thick, (20) 40-65 (100) p., gelatinized, refracting. Cortical lumina ± indistinct in water, 1.5-2 fL large, rounded, thick-walled, end-cells 3.5-4 p., brown. Gonidia 8-15 fL large, very pale, stratum very irregular, 50-100 1.L thick, upper limit somewhat even. Med ulla 300-700 fL thick, ± transparent or gray, hyphae 3-3.5 [.L thick, moderately thick-walled, with ± abundant, angular crystals on their surface, in HOI lax to very Iax, loosely intricate with cylindric lumina. Lower surface widely attached, pale. Apothecia rare in most parts of the thallus, sometimes crowded in a small area, very irregular in shape and size, disc 0.3-0.5-0.6 mm broad, ± deeply concave, almost smooth or usually somewhat rough or even rugose, not always distinctly limited towards the slightly prominent thallus margin. Wetted apothecia 0.7-1 mm broad, 150-300 fL deep at the een tre, only 50-70 (100) [L at the margins. Exciple very thin below, 50-70 p. at the surface. Hypothecium 50-100 IL thick, I+ dark blue. Hymenium (85) 90-110 fL high, lower limit indistinct; I + dark or pale blue. Paraphyses 1.7-2 fL thick, dense, apices in KOR red-brown capitate, 4-5 fl., discrete, with ± thick amorphous stratum. Asci 65-85 x 20-25 µ. Spores 100-200, in KOH 3-3.5 x 2-'-2.5 [J., broadly ellipsoid to subglobose. Pycnoconidia 1.7 (2) x 0.7 fL upon about 10 [L long sterigmata. Habitat. On granitic stone with Caloplaca elegans etc., indicating a place rich in ammonium salts (Magnusson 1935: 225). This species is characterized through the very uneven, thick areolae with an unusually thick amorphous stratum, through the broad spores and the very minutely cellulose cortex (Magnusson 1935: 225).

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Unknown.

Ecology: Data lacking.

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