Amandinea punctata (Hoffm.) Coppins & Scheid.

in Scheidegger, Lichenologist 25, 4: 343 (1993).

Basionym: Verrucaria punctata Hoffm., Deutschl. Fl., Zweiter Theil (Erlangen): 192 (1796) [1795].


Type locality: [Germany], In cortice, ligno, saxis. Not designated.

Thallus: rimose, very thin, greyish. Apothecia lecideine, to 0.6 mm diam., broadly sessile or slightly constricted at base, margin thin, persistent. Hymenium 70 µm tall. Hypothecium brown. Spores Buellia-type, smooth to finely rugulate, oblong, + constricted at septum, 12-15 x 6-8 µm. Conidiomata rare, conidia to 20 µm (Mayrhofer & Moberg 2002: 9).

Photobiont: Green alga.

Chemistry: No lichen substances by TLC in Nordic material (Mayrhofer & Moberg 2002: 9).

Ecology: Corticolous, lignicolous, muscicolous, and saxicolous on siliceous rocks.

Distribution type: Europe, Asia, North America, North and South Africa, Southern South America.

Taxonomy: Data lacking.


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