Arctoparmelia incurva (Pers.) Hale

Mycotaxon 25, 1: 252 (1986).

Basionym: Lichen incurvus Pers., Ann. Bot. (Usteri) 1: 24 (1794).


Type locality: Sweden, Fries, Lich. Suec. exs. no. 260 (UPS neotype, Moberg & Thell, Nordic Lichen Flora 4: 139, 2011).


Thallus: foliose, closely adnate, forming rosettes, to 10 cm diam., sometimes con?uent with other thalli. Lobes 0.2-1 mm wide, well covering the surface, ? overlapping, distinctly convex. Upper surface yellowish, in central parts more greyish, glossy, frequently supplied with globose, mainly central soralia. Lower surface brownish with blackish rhizines. Apothecia rare, to 4 mm diam.; disc brown; spores ellipsoid, 9—l2 x 6—8 μ. Pycnidia infrequent, immersed, visible as small black dots. Conidia dumbbell-shaped, 4-7 x l μ (xxx).

Photobiont: Trebouxioid green alga.

Chemistry: Cortex C—, K—, KC+ yellow, PD—; usnic acid. Medulla C—, K—, KC+ pink, PD— or PD+ red; alectoronic acid and occasionally α-collatolic and protocetraric acids (xxx).


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