Arthrorhaphis Th. Fr.


Description: A crustose lichen genus with many species. Arthrorhaphis grisea is mostly treated as a parasitic fungus and not part of this data collection.


  1. Arthrorhaphis acclinis A. Massal.
  2. Arthrorhaphis aeruginosa R. Sant. & T√łnsberg
  3. Arthrorhaphis alpina (Schaer.) R. Sant.
  4. Arthrorhaphis arctoparmeliae Kocourk. & Van den Boom
  5. Arthrorhaphis citrinella (Ach.) Poelt
  6. Arthrorhaphis muddii Obermayer
  7. Arthrorhaphis olivaceae R. Sant. & T√łnsberg
  8. Arthrorhaphis summorum B. de Lesd.
  9. Arthrorhaphis vacillans Th. Fr. & Almq. ex Th. Fr.
  10. Arthrorhaphis viridescens Rabenh.