Athallia holocarpa (Hoffm.) Arup, Frödén & Søchting

in Arup, Søchting & Frödén, Nordic J. Bot. 31, 1: 36 (2013).

Basionym: Verrucaria obliterata var. holocarpa Hoffm., Deutschl. Fl., Zweiter Theil (Erlangen): 179 (1796) [1795].


Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Data lacking.
Type locality: Germany, Niedersachsen, Region Hannover, Hannover, Herrenhausen, 50 m, o.D., F. Ehrhart, 3723/1, EHRHART: Plantae Cryptogamae 284 (GOET - lectotype, selected by Arup 2009: 121).
Barcode: Data lacking.
Coordinates: Data lacking.


Thallus: crustose, thin, grayish or blackish, granu-lose to disappearing; sometimes with thin whitish hypothallus, K—. Apothecia small, to 0.8 mm broad; margin of same color as thallus, soon disappearing; proper exciple of same color as disk or slightly paler; disk concave to flat and then convex; hypothecium hyaline or yellowish, with oil globules; epihymenium yellow or greenish yellow, granulose, K+ purple; hymenium 60-90 µm, hyaline; paraphyses simple or branching above, tips capitate, 3-5 µm;. Ascospores ellipsoid or ovate, polarilocular, 10-16 X 5-8 µm, septum 3-5 µm. (Nash et al. 2001: xx).

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: No lichen substances.

Ecology: On the bark of woody plants, old wood, and occasionally on rocks.

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Database

Note: - Lichen holocarpus (Hoffm.) Ach., xxx: 73 (1798) is based on the same type. Arup et al. (2013: xx) geben als Fundort irrtümlich “Herrenhausi” an.