Athallia saxifragarum (Poelt) Arup, Frödén & Söchting

in Arup et al., Nordic J. Bot. 31, 1: 36 (2013).

Basionym: Caloplaca saxifragarum Poelt, Feddes Repert. 58: 176 (1955).


Type locality: Italy, Bormio, Anzi (TO - holotype).

Thallus: crustose, endo- or episubstratic, irregular in outline, thin; surface white. Apothecia moderately abundant, subgregarious, 0.2-0.7 mm in diam., small, sessile, slightly constricted, closely adpressed, lecanorine; disc plane, yellowish orange, later occasionally with a brownish tinge, surface smooth to fine granulose; margin indistinct, nor flexuose, darker than remaining thallus surface, yellowish orange, concolorous with disc or slightly paler, smooth. Excipulum to 20-50 µm wide; cortex poorly delimited, with few algal cells; proper exciple broad, prosoplectenchymatous, strongly glutinized, hyaline. Hypothecium 100 µm high, of unoriented to anticlinal hyphae with mostly broad lumina, hyaline; subhymenium hyaline. Hymenium 70-80 µm high, hyaline; paraphyses terminal cells simple, swollen to 6 µm wide, hyaline; subterminal cells to 3 µm wide; epihymenium distinct, yellow to yellowish orange. Asci 50 x 17 µm. Ascospores c. 8 per ascus, broadly ellipsoid, 10-12 x 6-7 µm; septum 5.5 µm (Søchting 2008: 88).

Photobiont: Green alga.

Chemistry: Emodin, fallacinal, parietin, parietinic acid, teloschistin; chemosyndrome A. All yellow parts K+ red, C-. (Søchting 2008: 88).

Ecology: On bryophytes, detritus, particularly on species of Saxifraga.

Distribution type: Data lacking.

Taxonomy: Data lacking.


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