Blastenia ferruginea (Huds.) A. Massal.

Atti Inst. Veneto Sci. lett., ed Arti, Sér. 2 3: 102 (1852).

Basionym: Lichen ferrugineus Huds., Fl. Angl.: 444 (1762).

Synonym: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Data lacking.

Protolog type data: Data lacking.

Type locality: Data lacking.

Type locality coordinates: Data lacking.

Molecular barcode: Data lacking.

Thallus: crustose, areolate, without elongated lobes; prothallus present, black; surface gray, smooth, without asexual propagules. Apothecia adnate, 0.3-0.8 mm in diam., lecideine; disc dark reddish orange, flat, epruinose; margin persistent, flush; thalline margin absent; proper margin visible, concolorous with disc or little lighter than disc; parathecium consisting of radiating hyphae, exciple below hypothecium amorphous; epihymenium golden, K+ red; hymenium hyaline, (60-)70-100 µm tall; paraphyses 2-3 tip cells slightly swollen, with some branching; subhymenium hyaline. Asci cylindrical, 8 spores. Ascospores hyaline, 2 locules, ellipsoid, 12.517 x (5.5-)7-10 µm, isthmus 4-7(-8.5) µm, spore end wall thin. Pycnidia unknown (Nash et al. 2001: xx).

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Apothecial margin C+ red; thallus K-, C+ red; parietin, fallacinal, emodin, teloschistin (Nash et al. 2001: xx).

Ecology: On wood or bark.

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Database