Bryocaulon divergens (Ach.) Kärnefelt

Opera Bot. 86: 24 (1986).

Basionym: Cornicularia divergens Ach., Methodus, Sectio post.: 303 (1803).


Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Data lacking.
Type locality: Sweden, "Lapponia", Wahlenberg (H-ACH 1869A - lectotype, Brodo & Hawksworth, Opera Bot. 42: 149, 1977).
Barcode: Available. Data lacking.
Coordinates: Data lacking.


Thallus: Data lacking.

Photobiont: Trebouxioid green alga.

Chemistry: Cortex and medulla C+ red, K—, KC+ reddish, PD-; olivetoric acid, traces of anziaic acid and 4-O-demethylmicrophyllinic acid (by HPLC).

Ecology: Growing on soil in ericaeeous tundra and mountain heaths, often with Gowardia nigricans an Alectoria ochroleuca, on bare or mossy rocks, very rarely on trees at timberline.

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Mainly alpine along the Scandinavian mountains and in arctic areas in Svalbard and Greenland (not in Iceland). Also on the rocky coast of Central Sweden. In Norway it avoids highly oceanic coastal areas. Restricted to the northern hemisphere where it is widely distributed in the arctic tundra reaching hemiarctlc and boreal areas of Europe, North America and Asia, in western North America and Asia also extending to more southern mountains. Database