Bryoria nitidula (Th. Fr.) Brodo & D. Hawksw.

Op. Bot. 42: 107 (1977).

Basionym: Bryopogon jubatus var. nitidulus Th. Fr., Nova Acta R. Soc. Scient. Upsal., Ser. 3 3: 125 (1861) [1860].


Type locality: Norway, 0st-Finnmark, Varanger, K1ubben, 1857, T. Fries (UPS - lectotype). Brodo & Hawksworth, Opera Bot. 42: 107, 1977).

Description: Lichen. Thallus erect to caespitose, occasionally prostate, to 8 cm high, uniformly brown to dark brown to black, basal parts sometimes darker or dying, shiny. Main branches distinct, rigid, lateral spinules abundant. Soralia absent. Pseudocyphellae usually present, plane to slightly raised, elongate to fusiform, to 0.5 mm long, brownish to dark brown or black. Apothecia and Pycnidia unknown.

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Cortex and medulla PD+ red; fumarprotocetraric acid.

Ecology: On the ground or on rocks in exposed habitats at or above timberline. In Sweden on top of exposed coastal rocks.

Distribution type: Very rare and scattered in northern Fennoscandia. Probably retreating as it has not been recollected in recent time in many of its former localities. Scattered arctic to hemiarctic in the Notthern Hemisphere. Europe, Asia, North America.

Taxonomy: Data lacking.


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