Buellia aethalea (Ach.) Th. Fr.

Lichenogr. Scand. 1: 604 (1874).

Basionym: Gyalecta aethalea Ach., Lichenogr. Univ.: 669 (1810).


Type locality: Great Britain, England ["Anglia"], Durham, Harriman (UPS-ACH - isotype).

Description: Lichen. Thallus crustose, areolate, greyish to brownish, often exceeding 1 cm diameter. Medulla amyloid or not. Apothecia cryptolecanorine or zeorine, 0.2 - 0.4 mm diameter, innate, often immarginate. Exciple aethalea-type. Hymenium without oil droplets, 60 - 90 µm high, epihymenium brown to green, hypothecium colourless to dark brown. Ascopores broadly oblong, slightly contricted at the septum, of Buellia-type, 13 - 18 / 8 - 10.5 µm, ornamentation microarugulate. Conidia bacilliform, 5 - 5.5 µm long (Scheidegger 1993: 344).

Photobiont: Green alga.

Chemistry: Norstictic acid, connorstictic acid, rarely with stictic, cryptostictic acid, constictic acid, menegazziaic acid (Scheidegger 1993: 344).

Ecology: On horizontal to vertical siliceous substrata from the coast to the alpine zone (Scheidegger 1993: 344).

Distribution Type: Subcosmopolitan, from the Mediterranean to the subarctic zone.

Taxonomy: Data lacking.


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