Calogaya alaskensis (Wetmore) Arup, Frödén & Söchting

Nordic J. Bot. 31, 1: 38 (2013).

Basionym: Caloplaca alaskensis Wetmore, Bryologist 107, 4: 507 (2004).

Thallus: episubstratic, up to 2 cm in diam., composed of scattered or contiguous areoles; areoles circular to irregular, weakly to strongly convex, 0.1-0.5(-0.8) mm in diam., 0.1-0.2 mm thick; surface yellow, yellowish orange to orange, often with whitish or blackish areas around the areoles, smooth to rough, matt. Soralia ± punctuate, usually present on most areoles, sometimes diffuse but often crateriform, yellow to orange, remaining discrete; soredia 20-35 µm in diam., granular. Cortex not observed. Algal layer continuous or as clusters. Apothecia absent or present, usually sparse and scattered, 0.3-0.6(-1) mm in diam., orbicular, sessile, slightly to strongly constricted, ± zeorine; disc somewhat concave to strongly convex, yellowish orange to orange, surface structure smooth, epruinose; thalline margin usually inconspicuous, excluded or up to 40(-75) µm, poorly distinguished from proper margin, sometimes flexuous, concolorous with thallus, proper margin 25-65 µm, raised above or level with disc, slightly paler than disc, smooth. Hypothecium and subhymenium hyaline, hypothecium 50-70 µm, with oil-droplets, hymenium 55-80 µm thick, hyaline; paraphyses not gelatinized, simple to branched; terminal cells swollen, to 5 µm wide, often with oil-droplets; subterminal cells to 3 µm wide; epihymenium distinct, yellow to yellowish orange. Asci 40-48 x 15-17 µm. Ascospores 8 per ascus, sometimes fewer, variable, broadly ellipsoid, (7-)8-12(-18) x (4-)5.5-8(-9) µm; septum 2-3.5 µm. (Søchting 2008: 74-75).

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: emodin, fallacinal, parietin, parietinic acid, teloschistin; chemosyndrome A. All yellow parts K+ red, C-. (Søchting 2008: 74-75).

Ecology: On wood, bark, calciferous rocks, boulders, pebbles or detritus.