Caloplaca cerina (Ehrh. ex Hedw.) Th. Fr.

Nova Acta R. Soc. Scient. Upsal., Ser. 3 3: 218 (1861) [1860].

Basionym: Lichen cerinus Hedw., Descr. Micr.-Anal. Musc. Frond. (Lipsiae) 2: 62 (1789).


Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Protolog: Data lacking.

Protolog type data: The illustration in Hedwig (1788: 62, tab. 21, f. B).

Type locality: Norway, Svalbard, Spitsbergen, Sabine Land, Tempelfjorden, below Fjordnibba, UTM: WH 4501, lignum on soil, 30 m, 12 August 1986 (US 5627); Norway, Svalbard, Spitsbergen, Sabine Land, Sassendalen, Gjelhallet. UTM: WG 4595, Lignum on soil, 5 m, 9.8.1986 (US 5588).

Type locality coordinates: 78°16'50?N, 18°11'40?E; 78.280556°, 18.194444°.

Molecular barcode: Data lacking.

Thallus: hypoxylic, sometimes staining the wood light grey, occasionally developing dispersed, bluish grey indistinct areoles. Apothecia lecanorine, scattered, often in elongated groups of about ten, sessile to subsessile, up to 1.3 mm diam., but most often about 0.5 mm. Disc slightly concave to flat, yellow to orange, eventually turning dark to almost black when strongly exposed, sometimes strongly white pruinose, particularly on young apothecia; pruina sometimes totally absent. Margin medium thick, initially Prominent, later often excluded, thin and level with disc. Colour light grey to black. depending on a varying degree of pruinosity. Amphithecium with many algae, particularly in the lateral part. Medulla loose, with about 7 µm thick hyphae with slightly elongated cells. Cortex of the amphithecium well-developed, 40-60 µm thick, well delimited from the parathecium and the medulla. Cells very thick walled, lumina about 6-10 µm long. Parathecium thin, little developed, conglutinate, fan-shaped, cells slightly elongated. Peripheral part with thin-walled isodiametric cells of brownish grey colour with a violet tinge. Surface granules often present, 3-4 µm of angular often quadratic shape. Subhymenium up to 30 µm thick, consisting of paraplectenchymatic cells, which are up to 8 µm large. Oil droplets few or absent. Hymenium 60-70 µm, with fine epipsamma. Paraphyses apically slightly branched, not very conglutinated. Apical cells slightly inflated, up to 5 µm thick. Ascospores: Asci with 8 spores. Spores 14.5-16(-18) x 6.5-8 µm. Septum 5.5-6.5 µm thick. (Søchting 1989: 248).

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Data lacking.

Ecology: Data lacking.

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