Cetraria aculeata (Schreb.) Fr.

Nov. Schedul. Critic.: 26 (1826).

Basionym: Lichen aculeatus Schreb., Spic. fl. lips. (Lipsiae): 125 (1771).

Type: Data lacking.
Barcode: AF115757, AF116176, AF228287, AF228288, AF228286, AF228289, AF254624, AF254625, AF254626, AF451787, AF451788, AF457921.
Coordinates: Data lacking.


Thallus: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Data lacking.

Ecology: Data lacking.

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Database. Cetraria aculeata shows a globally widespread distribution. Its evolution has been investigated by Thell et al. (xxx) and Fernández-Mendoza et al. (2011) with contradicting results.