Cladonia azorica Ahti

Ann. Bot. Soc. Zool.-Bot. Fenn. "Vanamo" 32, 1: 36 (1961).



Type locality: Portugal, Azores, Pico, A. G. da Cunha & L. Sobrinho s.n. (LISU - holotype).

Type locality coordinates: 38°28'52"N, 28°22'2"W; 38.481111°, -28.367222°.

Thallus: Data lacking.

Photobiont: Green alga.

Chemistry: Two chemical races.

Ecology: Cladonia azorica has been recorded from base-poor semi-natural habitats. In Wales it has been collected from rocky banks and block scree in upland grassland and in light shade in semi-natural Quercus petraea woodlands, up to 560 m altitude. ....

Distribution type: Azores, Ireland, UK: Great Britain.

Taxonomy: Data lacking.

Note: After the description of C. azorica from Pico [nur von dort?]in 1961, the species was reported from a single locality in Ireland by Ruoss (1989). Orange (1993) discovered that the species occurs frequently in Great Britain and Ireland.
The chemotype with usnic acid is known from two sites in Great Britain, in North Devon and Glamorgan, from a single site in south west Ireland (Ruoss 1989), and from the Azores and Madeira (Orange 1993: 111). The chemotype without usnic acid shows a distinctly western distribution in the British Isles. It has not been recorded outside Great Britain and Ireland (Orange 1993: 109, 111).
C. azorica is often misidentified as C. ciliata (Orange 1993: 105).