Cladonia bacillaris Genth

Fl. Nassau: 406 (1835).



Type locality: Great Britain, England, Durham, Cleveland, Ayton Moor, W. Mudd in Mudd, Monogr. Brit. Cladon. 70 (BM - neotype; FH, UPS - isoneotype).

Chemistry: Squamatic acid, usnic acid, traces of barbatic acid (Etayo & Burgaz 1997: 723 as chemotype II of C. macilenta [= C. bacillaris]).

Ecology: On Pinus trunks (Etayo & Burgaz 1997: 723).

Note: This taxon is included in Cladonia macilenta by Wirth et al. (2013: 400).
There are very different author citations: in IF jetzt (Ach.) Genth, früher "Genth", sonst auch (Ach.) Nyl. in CNALH