Ionaspis phaeocarpa Zahlbr.

as "Jonaspis phaeocarpa" in Lindau (1908: 2).

Basionym: Data lacking.


Protolog: Data lacking.

Protolog type data: Fundnotiz, Groß-Comoro, auf Lava im Küstengebiet.

Type locality: Comores, Grande Comore, on lava in coastal area, Voeltzkow (xxx).

Note: From the start, Ionaspis phaeocarpa was cited as "Ionaspis phaeocarpa Zahlbr., Cat. Lich. Univers. 2: 691 (1924)" despite the link to Zahlbruckner where "1908" was given as the date of publication. Correction in IF later than 15.10.2017.