Lecidella carpathica Körb.

Parerga Lich.: 212 (1861).



Type locality: Slovakia, "an Trachytfelsen bei Eperies in Ungarn", F. A. Hazslinszky (L-910188726 - holotype; W, GJO - isotypes).
Chemistry: Atranorin, chloratranorin, diploicin, thuringion (trace or lacking) (Huneck & Santesson 1969). Thallus C-, KC+ yellow, K+ yellow, atranorin, chloratranorin, diploicin, thuringion, 4,5-dichloro-3-0-methylnorlichexanthon (Leuckert et al. 1990: 267).

Ecology: On silicious rock.

Note: Körber: Lich. Sel. 251 (M, S, W) has been collected at the type locality together with the type.
Lecidella latypiza is listed as a synonym in Index Fungorum 9 November 2018.
The type locality was situated in Hungary but is part of Slovakia now.