Lempholemma socotranum M. Schultz

Bibliotheca Lichenologica 86: 156 (2003).



Protolog: Data lacking.

Protolog type data: Yemen, Socotra, c. 4.5 km S of Hadibu, ascent to Muqadrihon Pass, on large, karstic, shady limestone boulder, c. 250 m, 12°36.8'N, 54°0.75'E, 19.03.1997, M. Schultz 14045a (B - holotypus; M & herb. M. Schultz - isotypi).

Type locality: Yemen, Socotra, ca. 4.5 km S of Hadibu, ascent to Muqadrihon Pass, on large, karstic, shady limestone boulder, ca. 250 m, 19 March 1997, M. Schultz 14045a (B - holotype; M, Schultz - isotypes).

Type locality coordinates: 12°36.8'N, 54°0.75'E.

Type locality photo: Data lacking. Volcán Barú available.

Thallus: crustose, blackish, gelatinous when wet, squamulose, umbilicate. Squamules more or less flat or slightly convex, 1 - 4 mm wide, 0.1 - 1 mm high; thallus margin entire to irregularly incised and squamules becoming lobate. Thallus surface smooth to rimose, dull to somewhat glossy. Thallus attached to the substrate by an umbilicus formed from tufts of rhizohyphae. Thallus homoiomerous, ecorticate, but hyphal strands occasionally present within the umbilicus; hyphae loosely reticulate, with hyaline, angular, short to elongate cells, 5 - 12.5 / 2.5 - 5 µm. Ascomata: Apothecia 1 to 10 per squamule, small, up to 0.45 mm wide, semi-immersed; thalline margin smooth, thin, 50 - 75 µm wide; apothecial disc open, flat, reddish brown when dry, yellowish brown when wet. Exciple thin, 5 - 10 µm wide, hyaline or slightly yellowish. Hymenium hyaline, 75 - 85 µm high, IKI+ deep blue. Subhymenium hyaline, 10 - 15 µm high, IKI- deep blue. Paraphyses straight, sparsely branched and anastomosing, cells 5 - 10 / 2 µm, apical cells thickened with age and somewhat moniliform, 5 - 7.5 / 5 µm. Asci cylindrical to narrowly clavate, 40 - 75 / 7.5 - 10 µm; ascus wall thin throughout, IKI-, prototunicate, opening by apical rupture. Ascospores 8, simple, hyaline, globose to broad ellipsoid or subglobose, 7.5 - 10 / 7.5 µm; spore wall thin. Pycnidia immersed, pyriform to ellipsoid, up to 0.15 / 0.1 mm wide; wall simple, hyaline, ostiolum hyaline. Conidia simple, hyaline, globose, ca. 1.5 µm wide; produced terminally on simple conidiophores (Schultz 2003: 156).

Photobiont: Filamentous cyanobacterium, Nostoc, chains short, more or less straight or twisted, with 3 - 6 cells; photobiont cells bead-like, 5 - 10 µm wide without the sheeth, 10 - 20 µm wide including the sheath; gelatinous sheath thin, yellowish brown (K-), indistinctly layered, hyaline in the thallus centre (Schultz 2003: 156).

Chemistry: No lichen substances.

Ecology: On shady, inclined faces of limestone boulders (Schultz 2003: 156).

Distribution type: Data lacking.

Taxonomy: Data lacking.