Parmelia saxatilis (L.) Ach.

Meth. Lich.: 204 (1803).

Basionym: Lichen saxatilis L., Sp. Pl.: 1142 (1753).


Protolog: Data lacking.
Type locality: Data lacking.
Barcode: AF350027.
Coordinates: Data lacking.

Thallus: foliose, loosely attached, pale grey. Lobes 1-3mm wide, truncate. Upper side weakly reticulately ridged, with mainly laminal, effigurate pseudocyphellae. Medulla white. Under side black, rhizinate-papillate to the margins, rhizines simple or rarely bifurcate. Isidia laminal on ridges, shortly cylindrical, brown tipped. Apothecia not seen in East African material (Swinscow & Krog 1988: 156).

Photobiont: Trebouxioid alga.

Chemistry: D-Galactose (C. F. Culberson 1969). D-Fructose, D-Galactose (Huneck & Yoshimura 1996: 131, 132), salazinic acid (K+ red, PD+ orange), lobaric acid, atranorin (Swinscow & Krog 1988: 156).

Ecology: The single sample from the ericaceous zone at c. 3000 m alt in Kenya is lignicolous (Swinscow & Krog 1988: 156) and might be Parmelia ernstiae.

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Cosmopolitan. Database