Placynthiella oligotropha (J. R. Laundon) Coppins & P. James

Lichenologist 16, 3: 245 (1984).

Basionym: Lecidea oligotropha J.R. Laundon, Lichenologist 1: 164 (1960).


Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Chemistry: TLC results of P. oligotropha that report gyrophoric acid likely are a result of contamination because even the type collection is an admixture with P. icmalea and P. uliginosa (Lendemer 2004: 76).

Note: "It should be noted, that the thallus of P. oligotropha was reported by Coppins & James (1984) as granular to verruculose, however this description is misleading, and the isotype clearly posesses a thallus composed of distinct brownish-tan areoles that in some instances appear lobed towards the margins" (Lendemer 2004: 76).

Pictures: Tropical Lichens