Pleopsidium stenosporum (Stizenb. ex Hasse) K. Knudsen

Opuscula Philolichenum 9: 79 (2011).

Basionym: Lecanora stenospora Stizenb. ex Hasse, Bull. Torrey Bot. Culb 24: 447 (1897).


Protolog: Data lacking.

Type locality: USA, California, Los Angeles or San Bernardino county, San Gabriel Mountains, on rock, 1800 m upward, 6.1894, H. E. Hasse (ZT - holotype lost and presumed destroyed, NY - neotype same locality data as the type, above 800 m, on unknown rock type with some HCL+ inclusions, 1895, H. E. Hasse 368, designated by Knudsen (2011: 79).

Barcode: Available. Data lacking.

Coordinates: Data lacking.

Thallus: cartilaginous, in the center of separate rounded or approximate, then angular convex squamules; those at the circumference extending in to short broad contiguous rounded lobules, citrine yellow. Apothecia small, depressed, becoming flat and superficial, immarginate; paraphyses short, thick, adglutinated, spores minute and numerous, 3 - 4 - 5 / 1.5 - 2 ┬Ám (Hasse 1897, Knudsen 2011: 80).

Photobiont: Trebouxioid green alga.

Chemistry: Rhizocarpic acid, possibly acaranoic acid, acarenoic acid, tetronic acid, lichesterinic acid (Knudsen 2011: 80)

Ecology: On hard limestone, mafic greenstone, rock with HCl+ inclusions, quartzite with mineral inclusions.