Polysporina gyrocarpa (H. Magn.) N.S. Golubk.

Konspekt Flory Lishainikov Mongol'skoi Naradnoi Respubliki (Leningrad): 138 (1981).

Basionym: Sarcogyne gyrocarpa H. Magn., Meddelanden från Göteborgs Botaniska Trädgard 12: 98 (1937). Cited from Knudsen & Kocourková (2009: 200). Reference lacking in IF (1938). Year contradictory.

Synonyms: Index Fungorum

Type locality: Afghanistan, Kabul area, Sher-Derwase, 1700 m, G. Kerstain (HAL 002585L - Lectotype). Designated by Knudsen & Kocourková (2009).

Type locality coordinates: 34°32'0"N, 69°10'0"E; 34.533333°, 69.166667°.

Molecular barcode: Data lacking.

Thallus: crustose, endolithic, causing no discolouring of rock, hyphae thin-walled, mostly 2-3 µm thick, with cells 4-6 µm in length, I-, spreading to 6 cm, usually continuous between apothecia, apothecia usually dispersed. Algal layer not readily apparent beneath apothecia but discontinuous throughout thallus in scattered clumps of lichenized green algal cells to 10 µm in diam. Apothecia black, dull, carbonized, epruinose, rugulose, distinctly superficial, round to irregular especially after division of apothecia, (0.4-)1.0-1.5(-2.0) mm in diam., plane to convex, ... (Knudsen & Kocourková 2009: 200).

Photobiont: Green alga.

Chemistry: No lichen substances (Knudsen & Kocourková 2009: 201).

Ecology: "On calcareous rock and sandstone, including noncalcareous sandstone and decaying or fissured silicate rock, sometimmes with HCl+ alluvium in the cracks. It is not a strict calciphile and it has been reported from silicate rock or rock with small amounts of calcium carbonate (Magnusson 1937, 1940; Golubkova 1988)" (Knudsen & Kocourková 2009: 201).

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, USA: California. Database