Porpidia cinereoatra (Ach.) Hertel & Knoph

in Hertel, Beih. Nova Hedwigia 79: 437 (1984).

Basionym: Lecidea cinereoatra Ach., Lich. Univ.: 167 (1810).


Type locality: Germany, Lausitz, Mosig 52 (H-ACH 100 - lectotype). Designated by Gowan (1989: 39).

Thallus: Data lacking. Apothecia innate, exciple dark. Paraphyses richly branched and anastomosing, conglutinate

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Confluentic acid (major constituent), 2'-O-methylperlatolic acid, 2'-O-methylmicrophyllinic acid; olivetonide monomethyl ether and unidentified substances often visible on heavily spotted TLC plates; SV-1 and triterpenes also sometimes present (Gowan 1989: 40). - Confluentic acid (Fryday 2005: 5).

Ecology: HCl- rocks, usually exposed and unshaded.

Distribution type: Western (Gowan 1989: 40), Eastern North America and Europe (Knoph 1984).