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Rhizocarpon superficiale (Schaer.) Malme

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Basionym: Data lacking.

Synonym: Index Fungorum

Type: Data lacking.
Barcode: Data lacking.
Coordinates: Data lacking.


Thallus: Data lacking.

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: Rhizocarpic acid, hypostictic acid, stictic acid, norstictic acid (Geyer et al. 1984, Feuerer & Timdal 2004).

Race I: Rhizocarpic acid, either stictic or norstictic acid (major) in European specimens (Flakus & Kukwa 2009: 252).
Race II: Rhizocarpic acid, hypostictic acid and stictic acid (major), norstictic (minor) in North American, Polish and Bolivian specimens. Possibly cryptostictic acid. No norstictic acid in Polish specimens (Flakus & Kukwa 2009: 252).

Ecology: On silicious rock, single speciemsn above 2000 meters in the Alps, above 3000 meters common.

Molecular data: Genbank

Distribution: Circumpolar Northern Hemisphere, Andes. Database