Staurothele arctica Lynge

Meddr Grønland, Biosc. 118 (no. 8): 17 (1937).



Type locality: Denmark, Greenland, West Greenland, Nugssuaq Peninsula, Atanikerdluk, 1871, T. Fries (O - holotype).

Type locality coordinates: 70°3'0"N, 52°22'0.01"W; 70.05°, -52.36667°.

Thallus: nearly lacking, consisting of traces of brown or ashy-brown tiny thin areolae less than 0.1 mm broad, scattered around the perithecia. Perithecia sessile on thallus traces or substratum, involucrellum dark brownish-black, nearly surrounding the pale brown exciple, hyaline above, dark below; hymenium I+ blue; spores 2, slanting in ascus, muriform, many-celled, becoming dark brown, ellipsoid, 32-65 x 12-18 µm (Thomson 1991: 352).

Photobiont: Data lacking.

Chemistry: No lichen substances.

Ecology: On limestone rock.

Distribution type: Denmark: Greenland, Iceland, North America (Esslinger-List), Sweden, Uk: Great Britain.

Taxonomy: "As Lynge suggested when describing it as S. fuscocuprea, there is a strong possibility that the specimens represent only a severly depauperate extreme of S. drummondii" (Thomson 1991: 353).


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