Thamnolia vermicularis (Sw.) Ach. ex Schaer.

Enum. Critic. Lich. Europ. (Bern): 243 (1850).

Basionym: Lichen vermicularis Sw., Method. Muscor.: 37 (1781).

Chemistry: Thamnolic acid (Culberson 1963: 143).

Note: Thamnolia subuliformis is often regarded as a subspecies of T. vermicularis. Molecular data show, that they should be kept as species (Schmull et al. 2011: 987). "The molecular study of Thamnolia by Platt & Spatafora (2000) detected enough genetic differences to separate T. vermicularis (containing thamnolic acid) and T. subuliformis (containing squamatic and baeomycesic acids and with a UV+Y cortex and a UV+ blue-white medulla) to support them as independent species (González et al. 2017: 171).