Distributions of Lichens

by H. Höhne

The data base "Distributions of Lichens" offers distribution maps and literature records sorted by the name of geopolitical units in alphabetic order. It includes a global checklist of lichens and is based on the checklists presented by the internet project "Checklists of Lichens" (Feuerer 2017, continuoulsy updated). This PHP script linked with a mySQL data base is available since 2007. It has been designed and is run by H. Höhne, Hamburg. The last update has been made in January 2017 and offers all information till the end of 2016. The next version will be available in January 2018.

The first version has been offered from the private server of H. Höhne starting in the summer 2007. Since 7.12.2007 it has been housed by the Rechenzentrum of the University of Hamburg under http://webapp5.rrz.uni-hamburg.de/lichens/formular.php. After the elimination of the traditional server URL's of the University of Hamburg, neither "Checklists of Lichens" nor "Descriptions" was online for many months. All data can be obtained again since the beginning of 2016.