Bryocaulon Kärnefelt

Version 1 September 2016


Opera Bot. 86: 17 (1986).


Type species: Bryocaulon divergens (Ach.) Kärnefelt.

Number of species: 4.

Family: Stictidaceae.

Description: A fruticose lichen genus in the Parmeliaceae with 4 species. Thallus fruticose, erect, pendent or prostrate, from light greenish yellow to brownish black; branches terete, or slightly flattened; cortex prosoplectenchymatous; pseudocyphellae ? abundant, distinctive, whitish. Ascomata apothecia, zeorine, rather rare, of same colour as the thallus. Asci clavate, of Lecanora-type, usually 8-spored. Spores simple, ellipsoid, colourless. Conidiomata pycnidia, scattered, immersed. Conidia slightly dumbbell-shaped with sharp ends.

Photobiont: Trebouxioid green algae.

Chemistry: Olivetoric and physodic acids.

Selected literature:


  1. Bryocaulon divergens (Ach.) Kärnefelt
  2. Bryocaulon hyperboreum Øvstedal
  3. Bryocaulon pseudosatoanum (Asahina) Kärnefelt
  4. Bryocaulon satoanum (Gyeln.) Kärnefelt